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Treatment of TMJ Issues / TMD

Temperomandibular Disorders (TMD)



Temperomandibular Disorders is a condition where the Jaw Joint (Temperomandibular Joint), related jaw & facial muscles along with their nerves are adversely affected leading to a chronic or acute facial pain.

The cause of this disorder is multifactorial- however it is commonly linked to arthritis, joint injuries, displacement of the disc located between the jawbones and the socket, stress & teeth grinding (bruxism)

You may have TMD if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Chronic Headaches
  • Sore teeth and gums
  • Pain when you are opening or closing your mouth
  • Discomfort while eating & chewing
  • Restricted mouth opening
  • Muscle tensions in the face, neck, shoulders and back
  • Earaches or pain around the ear and temples
  • Any sounds like a click or pop while opening or closing the mouth

TMD is a complex condition which requires to be handled and monitored by a trained expertise. Proper diagnosis, pain control, lifestyle changes , bite alterations & muscle exercises are carried out as per the patients need.

Consult our dental experts for TMD – Dr. Arjumand Akhtar – Fellowship in TMD & Orofacial Pain