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Social six smile in six months!

Social six smile in six months!

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With the rising trend in adults going for braces, one of the main hindrances is the time taken to achieve the perfect result. Adults often find it cumbersome to adjust and maintain the braces for a period of 18 months to 2 years on an average. It’s a fast paced life where everyone wants a fast result!

Although we cannot speed up braces treatment by applying unnecessary high forces (it will only cause more damage than harm), we do have another option of opting for the social six smile. This is a short term treatment which can be opted for, in cases of minor irregularities with your front teeth. Here braces are put only on the front upper six teeth which are seen when you smile. This is usually from your upper right side canine to left side canine. Sometimes it could include your premolars if they’re visible while smiling.

The braces are put for a shorter duration of 6 to 8 months just to straighten out or close gaps between these 6 teeth. Other major changes like bite correction or adjusting the proclination of your teeth might not be entirely possible. Needless to say if this option suits you or not can be best decided only by your Orthodontist.

Sometimes as a part of this treatment, especially with the use of aligners, the Orthodontist might recommend to strip the proximal edges of your teeth to gain some space. Be assured than very minimal enamel is damaged if this is done properly. Incase, you face any sensitivity issues feel free to contact your Orthodontist.

Social Six is fast gaining popularity as an option for those who want to avoid long braces treatment. Do contact us to know if it can be a way for you to achieve a beautiful smile!