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Dental Radiology

Dental Radiology

At Clover Medical Centre – Tecom and Al Nahda Dubai, we have the latest in dental radiography for the convenience of our patients. We have constructed a totally lead-lined X-Ray room in adherence with the strict guidelines prescribed by the Dubai Health Authority and approved by them.

Our Kodak Carestream 8000 PanCeph machine is the latest in the market and allows to take all the dentally relevant radiographs in-house while assuring the patients of highest standards in minimal radiation with total radiation protection & safety. The CS 8000C System generates high-quality diagnostic images each and every time. Easily capture clear panoramic and cephalometric X-ray images with optimal image density, use the sharpness filter to visualize the most important clinical details, or take advantage of the highlight tool to gain a better perspective of opaque areas.

Intraoral Radiographs can be taken in any of our 7 clinical operatories by means of a Belmont Intra-Oral X-Ray Unit or our hand-held portable X-Ray units.

All images from our various X-Ray units can be transferred by means of Radio-Visiography using a Soredex Digora Unit which has been shown to be best tolerated by patients and producing the best clarity of images with fastest transfer for visualization.

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