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Say No to Metal Mouth – Clear options for braces!

Say No to Metal Mouth – Clear options for braces!


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Not everyone needs to know that you’re wearing braces to get that gorgeous smile. Aesthetic options are now available to make your appearance look as natural as possible while you’re on your Orthodontic journey. Some of these options are:

1. Ceramic braces – These are tooth colored braces which are hardly visible when you smile. They are placed in front of your teeth like the metal braces and can have a white or steel wire running through them. They can be conventional type with elastic ties or even the self ligating ones like Damon clear. Often, the elastics can get discolored due to food we eat which is why Damon clear is more aesthetic between the two.
2. Lingual braces- These are metal braces but stuck behind the teeth to make them more inconspicuous. They work with mushroom shaped archwires and can be customized based on your tooth shape and position. These can cause a bit of speech problems initially as they interfere with tongue movements.
3. Aligners- These are plastic trays which are removable and snugly fit to the contour of your teeth. They have to be replaces every 2 weeks and have to be worn atleast for 22 hours in a day. For complicated movements some tooth colored attachments might also be used. A blue colored compliance indicator at the back usually tells you when it’s time to change your aligners!

With so many new advances in braces, long gone are the days when people used to fear the bulky metallic braces and the social stigma associated with it. Get a Free Consultation with our Orthodontists trained in all of these braces.