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Orthodontic Protraction Facemask

Protraction Facemask also known as Reverse Pull Headgear is a device used to correct Class III Malocclusions. This jaw anomaly is characterized by a reverse relationship of the jaws where the lower jaw is ahead of the upper jaw. It is also commonly used in Cleft palate patients where the growth of upper jaw is severely hampered.

The Reverse Pull Headgear or Face Mask helps to pull the upper jaw forward to correct the skeletal imbalance. The Face Mask is only effective in younger patients that are still growing, typically between 7 to 12 years of age

Parts of a Protraction Facemask:

The Face Mask padsrest on the forehead and chin with a frame. Acrylic plate with hooks or bands on the upper molar teeth are placed inside the mouth. The patient is taught to attach orthodontic elastic bands from these hooks inside the mouth to the external Face Mask. This pulls the upper jaw forward while taking anchorage from the forehead and chin

The Face Mask is to be worn 12-14 hours minimum per day, preferably at home and while sleeping. Regular checkups are mandatory to analyse the force an direction of jaw movement. An expander might also be used in certain cases to assist in forward growth of upper jaw

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