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Orthodontic Instructions

Instructions for Orthodontic patients


Damages to your appliance deteriorate the result of your treatment and/or prolong its duration. Hence, it is very important to take care of them.

  • For the first few days, your teeth will feel sore, stick to soft food and gradually switch to harder diet. You can take paracetamol/ibuprofen to relieve the pain.
  • Eating ice-cream also helps relieve the tenderness.
  • Avoid the followings:
  • Putting pencil or hard objects inside your mouth.
  • Cutting wires or scotch tapes with your teeth.
  • Cutting hard foods (apples, carrots, hard bread, sandwich, bsicuits,pistachios)
  • It is perefarble to cut them in small pieces and eat slowly.
  • Eating or chewing sticky foods like nougat, caramel and chewing-gums.


In case of damage to your appliance

  • If the bands or bracket break and they don’t disturb your tongue or gum, it is better to wait till your next appointment; if not (the broken bracket hurts you or the wire cut your gum) you should call the clinic to schedule an emergency appointment.
  • If a part of your appliance is irritating your cheeks or lips you can put a small piece of wax provided to you by us, over the part of your appliance, if you finish the wax you can get them from the pharmacy.
  • Sore spots or ulcers caused by the appliance can be treated by applying Gengigel or Bonjela.
  • If any problem occurs while you are travelling, you can consult any dentist or orthodontist in that area.
  • Don’t forget to collect your wax



  • Orthodontic appliance fixed or removable doesn’t damage the enamel of teeth, but the remnants of food around the appliance are very dangerous if they are not cleaned away by brushing. That is why it is important that you brush your teeth for at least 3 minutes after each meal you eat.
  • The way of brushing must be circular movement around the brackets and in a vibrating one in the gum area. The small tooth brush could help you to finish the brushing in the difficult areas. The brushing should be followed by rinsing with a mouth wash every night.
  • The sugar is the element that transfers to acid very rapidly inside the oral cavity, so don’t eat too much sweet candy; if you did, you have to brush your teeth immediately.