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What happens when we breathe through the nose?

Naturally, our bodies are built to actually breathe through the nose.  There are benefits to breathing through our nose. The air goes thru built-in filters and gets purified and humidified before reaching our lungs, so we can get the most from the air we breathe in.  When we breathe through the nose, this brings our tongue up into its natural resting position on the roof of the mouth.

The tongue acts as a natural arch expander when sitting on the roof of the mouth.  When we start breathing through our nose as children, the normal growth and development of their face and jaw bones are promoted naturally. This growth and expansion that is naturally created by simply breathing through the nose creates the necessary arch space for the permanent teeth to erupt straight and bite together correctly, lessening the need for traditional braces greatly.

What happens when we breathe through the mouth?

 When instinct steers us wrong and tells us to breathe through our mouth, our tongue drops down into the floor of the mouth. Without the tongue sitting in the roof of our mouth, nothing is there to naturally expand the palate for us. Did you know your tongue has 300-500 grams and it only takes 1.7 grams of pressure to move your tooth?  If we spend our whole adolescence breathing through the mouth, our upper arch never grows and develops in the way that it should. We are left with narrow arches and unaligned, crowded teeth. Traditional braces and expanders are then needed to straighten out the teeth. Research shows that 8 out of 10 children are mouth breathers.

How do we teach ourselves to breathe through the nose?

Here at CLOVER MEDICAL CENTRE, we specialize in working with you or your children to make sure you breathe through the nose, the way we are naturally built to. With the use of the simple tongue, breathing, and swallowing exercises that we teach our patients and an appliance called Myobrace, teaching ourselves to breathe through the nose is simple. Our team here is passionate in helping to make nose breathing the instinctive action that is was meant to be.  Give us a call for a free consultation to see if you or your child is a candidate for Myobrace.