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iTero is a device just larger than an electric toothbrush, handheld and weighs less than a pound that can generate a 3D full color model of your teeth and gums.Itero Intraoral Scanner is designed to make the process of recording your mouth easier and more comfortable than ever before while offering a significantly higher degree of precision.

There are 2 parts to the iTero: The wand and the station

  • The wand is an intraoral camera that displays the inside of your mouth onto a screen.It is moved around the mouth and captures 1000 of frames per second.
  • The station processes the images captured by the wand and clubs it together and a 3D image is formed which is displayed on the screen.

What are the advantages of the scanner?

  • It gives patient a more comfortable and positive dental experience as there is no more of traditional impressions which is quite cumbersome and also uncomfortable.
  • The wands are smaller in size and can get a better image of the back of the mouth with less gag.
  • Improved patient experience as the patient knows what to expect and feel more confident in the diagnosis and the treatment plan.
  • It also provides a simulation of what the smile will look like once the treatment is completed.

How is it helpful to the doctor?

  • Intraoral digital scans facilitate doctors to produce correct physical dental models for restorative work, together with crowns, veneers, and implants.
  • It also facilitates the orthodontists to diagnose and develop the most effective treatment plans.
  • It makes the treatment time set up 3 times faster.
  • It helps to track the patient progress.
  • Expected outcomes and results can be compared.
  • Better education of the patient.

The iTero™ scanner allows us to give you a significantly more accurate and comfortable work.It makes appointments faster and reduces the amount of error encountered during the creation of devices made to fit in a patient’s mouth.This allows for a higher degree of care that lasts longer, which ultimately benefits the patient.