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Is sparkling water bad for your teeth?

Is sparkling water bad for your teeth?


When ordinary water is too flat to enjoy, some of us turn to the sparkling variety. OK, let’s be honest: Some of us guzzle it all day.

So, it’s worrisome to see headlines warning about the possible damage sparkling water could inflict on your teeth.


Bubbly, refreshing sparkling water is more acidic than still fresh water

With no sugar or any other ingredients, why would this clear bubbly beverage pose any issues?



What’s the potential problem?

Carbonated water gets its fizz from carbon dioxide. A chemical reaction in your mouth turns the CO2 into carbonic acid, not only giving the drink a tangy, zesty, refreshing bite, but also making it more acidic.

That’s where the potential for dental erosion comes in, because the acid in drinks and foods can wear away your tooth enamel. Sparkling water is far less acidic than orange juice or a soft drink, but it’s more acidic than plain water.