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Hygiene & Sterilization Protocol

In this modern age, an integral aspect for the delivery of optimal dental care would be the provision of a clean & hygienic environment and an iron-clad sterilization protocol for the prevention of cross-contamination and transmission of communicable diseases. Our centre prides itself in adhering to the highest industry standards by adopting internationally accepted protocols on clinic hygiene, sterilization of reusable instruments & periodic maintenance of all affiliated dental equipment. This eventually translate into providing for a safe & sterile atmosphere where we can confidently provide ethical dental solutions to your satisfaction. Our clinics have incorporated the following broad categories towards this goal which include the maintenance of the common areas, thorough hygiene principle and a strict regimen for sterilization.

Maintainence of Commmon Areas

Typically, these would include the lobby, reception, transit corridors, restrooms & pantry. In order to facilitate the easy maintenance of these areas, our clinics have adopted a modern & miniminalistic décor format where all surfaces are washable
and can be disinfected. Air purifiers are installed in the operatories and dedicated cleaning staff is employed to follow a strict regimen as pertains to the cleaning & disinfection protocol.

The following basic features have been incorporated to ensure a hygienic treatment environment.

1. All water supply is filtered and the dental units receive treated distilled water to ensure hygiene. Every night our dental units water plumbing is flushed with peroxide wash to internally cleanse the tubings. Our water supply is tested monthly by an independent laboratory for two different tests which ensures that clean water is being utilized at all times.

2. All dental clinical staff is dressed appropriately in uniformed protective attire. The use of hypoallerginic gloves, surgical masks & eye protection is mandatory. Hand disinfection and the use of physical barrier films on dental
equipment is a standard.

3. All dental instruments are provided in individual sterile packing and in between patients, the dental unit auxiliaries i.e. cuspidor, arm rests, trolley tops etc are cleaned using a disinfectant which is very effective against pathogenic organisms.

4. Maximizing the use of disposable instruments has led to a significant reduction in the risk of cross-contamination.

5. Daily fumigation of the operatories with an aerosol disinfectant helps in the eradication of commonly found pathogens in clinical practice. Special disinfectant spray that is effective on pathogenic bacteria.

A wide variety of micro-organisms may be present in the saliva and blood of patients. During dental treatment infection may be transmitted through direct contact, droplets, aerosols or inoculation by contaminated instruments. We have adopted internationally accepted norms for a strict sterilization regimen which is now routinely followed in most countries.

1. Following use, all reusable dental instruments are cleaned in a dedicated washing zone with a long handled brush and clean water.

2. Cyclical use of Ultrasonic Bath for micro-vibration cleansing of residual debris is done.

3. Following this, immersion of the manually cleaned instruments in cold sterilizing solutions is done. These have been proven to have a high efficacy in eliminating most organisms & pathogens.

4. Thorough Rinsing & Drying in a dedicated area.

5. Complete Autoclave Cycle using a state of art Class B Autoclave. Plastic instruments undergo a second cycle of chemical sterilization.

6. Drying of the instruments & Individual Sterile Packaging.

7. Aseptic Storage in moisture proof dedicated areas.

We pride ourselves is allowing prospective patients to witness our sterilization methods and ask for visual demonstration of the same.