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How braces help improve Oral hygiene


Often people thing that getting braces is a cosmetic treatment done purely to achieve a good looking smile. While it can be a strong driving force to get the patient knocking at our clinic door, there are multiple other ways braces help you in the long run.

  1. Braces align your crooked teeth- Not all of us are blessed with naturally wide enough jaws and straight teeth popping into them. But braces can bring about slow controlled movement of your teeth together with some jaw expansion so that there’s enough room for all. Once your teeth are in proper position its now easy for you to clean all the areas and floss in between avoiding any tartar and plaque buildup. So tooth decay is out of the question now.


  1. Braces correct your bite- Often braces can correct your jaw alignment to a much healthier relationship. This ensures that when you bite all of the biting force is evenly dissipated throughout your jaws. Incase this doesn’t happen and a particular area or tooth receives more force than required it can lead to gradual weakening of the gums and bones and loosening of the tooth!


  1. Braces close any gaps between your teeth- Sometimes small gaps between teeth can lead to food lodgement and also initiate harmful habits like tongue thrusting or speech lisps. With braces and muscle exercises these problems can be sorted out


  1. Braces can help some locked out teeth to come into your jaws- Sometimes a tooth can get impacted or locked in the jaw and not come out. This can get serious if that tooth develops a cyst. With Orthodontic movement we can create enough space and guide this tooth into the jaws.


  1. Braces can relieve TMD pain- With harmful habits and stress sometimes the teeth can wear out and the jaw joints are affected leading to clicking sounds, locking jaws, muscle pain and headaches. Braces can help to relieve this pain.



If you are facing any of these problems with your bite and teeth get a consultation to know how braces could help you!