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Dr Neha Sachdeva – G.P. (Periodontist) with Laser Certification



Dr. Neha Sachdeva is our general dentist. Her positive attitude, sound judgement and peerless dedication make her an asset to any dental team. Her determination to go the extra mile for patient betterment and comfort sets her apart from the rest.

She completed her B.D.S. from the prestigious Manipal College of Dental Sciences in first class and with distinction in a multitude of examinations. Her zeal to reach the pinnacle of her profession led her to the successful conclusion of her M.D.S. in Periodontology from the aforementioned institution. She also has a certificate in Laser dentistry. From here, Dr Neha Sachdeva stepped into the role of Senior Associate Dentist at Clove Dental, Delhi where she practiced for nearly 2 years.

She has now been working for us for more than 3 years. Apart from the above, community dental health is a subject that is close to her heart. The will to tend to the needs of the poor and disenfranchised has led to her attending several rural dental health camps and providing direct assistance to those that are in dire need of it. She visited Ladakh, India in September 2017 to treat children as a part of a community program.

Furthermore, she is a caring, empathetic and understanding healthcare provider who is a proud practitioner of the “Patient Comes First” approach to clinical dentistry. She has written many blogs and also done a Live video on Facebook titled – Bad Breath.