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Dr.Maya.K.Poovelil-Specialist Periodontist

Dr.Maya.K.Poovelil graduated from the College of Dental Surgery,Manipal and went on to do her Masters in Periodontology from the prestigious Manipal Academy of Higher Education in 1998.
She hails from the South Indian state of Kerala, where she had been working in hospitals and managing her own clinic for over 7 years besides being a part time senior lecturer in Mar Baselious Dental College in India.
She moved to Dubai in 2005 and had been serving the dental department of a prominent healthcare chain, based in Burdubai and has had a faithful patient base since then.
Her additional postgraduate qualifications include 1)Diplomate in oral implantology in the university of Sharjah with hands on experience.
2)Hands on training in Rotary Endodontics.
3)Laser certification course from Aachen University ,Germany.
4)Advanced course in veneers and aesthetic dentistry.
She is experienced in advanced periodontal treatment modalities like frenectomy,gingivectomy,flap surgery, bone grafting and laser assisted gum treatment, crown lengthening and gum depigmentation
Her special area of interest also includes root canal treatment, crown and bridges and cosmetic dental procedures.
She has above 20 years of experience in treating adults and children and has a holistic approach in treating the dentition and mouth as a whole. Her friendly approach and gentle hands puts the patient at ease.
She has excellent communication skills in providing detailed instruction and awareness on preventive dental care and motivation to her patients.
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