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Dr Mamta Rohra- G.P. Dentist

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Dr. Mamta has completed her BDS from NTR University of Health Sciences. As one of the bright students in her college, she had the opportunity to work in a private clinic during her internship itself. Having earned 3 years of experience in India, where she was exposed to many complicated cases and held several dental camps, she moved to Dubai in 2012.

She has furthered her clinical knowledge by earning the International Certificate in Aesthetic Dentistry, a long distance course from New York University. She specializes in aesthetic dentistry and has a keen interest in rotary root canal, dentures and pediatric dentistry. She understands the patients concerns and explains the procedure to them in a simple approach. She is fluent in English, Hindi, Sindhi, Tamil and Telugu.

Presenting some of the aesthetic work of smile makeover by Dr. Mamta

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Dr. Mamta is a confident communicator who can relate well to dental patients. She keeps herself up with the current trends in dentistry & provides the same to her patients She loves to treat her patients with a humane touch and apply problem solving methodology in her dental practice.

Dr.Mamta was live on air on Hum FM 106.2 on the radio clinic show. The response she received was tremendous.

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