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Dr. Eva Pradhan pediatric dentist


Dr. Eva Pradhan is a pediatric dentist who has graduated with her Bachelors’ of Dental Surgery from Subharti Dental College in India and later went on to complete her Masters in the field of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry in 2017.

Before moving to Dubai and joining our team, Dr Eva was working in India and has over 7 years of clinical experience.
A mother of 2 boys, Dr Eva has always carried a passion to treat young patients. This passion was evident in her thesis which was focused on treating anxious patients using audio visual techniques. She has a successful record in treating young, anxious and uncooperative kids as well as children of determination. Her comforting, gentle and patient nature allows her to treat anxious patients aptly in the dental setting.

Her philosophy is to make each dental visit a fun and positive experience for the patient and the family. She maintains the highest degree of ethical standards while using age-appropriate treatment techniques to help impart the best possible treatment.

Dr Eva firmly believes that practicing good oral hygiene and dental care during infancy and childhood is the best approach towards healthy smiles for life. She is committed to achieve this goal by appropriately educating parents and children.

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