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Dr Batra’s®, the world’s largest homeopathic healthcare corporate, has been at the forefront in adopting technology & innovations for better healthcare delivery. From being amongst the first few companies to pioneer the use of internet to setting new trends in the healthcare industry, Dr Batra’s® has been a leader in delivering world-class healthcare globally.

Some of the innovations at Dr Batra’s® that changed the face of homeopathy include:

Pioneered the use of Internet to treat patients online: Dr Batra’s® introduced the brick and click method for the first time in homeopathy. Thanks to this, patients from anywhere in the world can get consultation and treatment through the internet. There is no time and space barrier. We currently cater to people from over 86 countries through our cyber clinic.

Tele-homeopathy: The company was the first to pioneer a tele-homeopathy clinic to facilitate doctor-patient interaction across various geographies through video-conferencing for consultation or a second opinion. Wiskott – Aldrich syndrome (WAS), a rare genetic disorder in one of our patients was treated by us through video-conferencing. Through tele-homeopathy, the case was evaluated by specialist doctors including dermatologists, pediatricians, physicians, nutritionists and senior homeopaths.


Blister packing of medicines: Dr Batra’s® is the first homeopathic corporate in India to introduce blister packing of the traditional white pills. This helps retain the medicinal properties of the homeopathic pills in the purest form until it is consumed by the patient. It helps the patient gets the right dosage without even touching the medicine by hand.

Measuring medical outcomes: We have in place well-defined disease protocols for measuring medical outcomes through scientific parameters. For example, to measure hair loss and for an analysis of the scalp, we have video microscopic imaging technology in place, which enlarges the hair scalp 200 times and can predict baldness five years before it occurs.

Standardization of treatment: Treatment at Dr Batra’s® is standardized through medical protocols that are followed by all our doctors across all our branches for optimum patient benefit. The software doesn’t allow the doctor to move ahead to the next field unless the set international protocols are followed.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP): Dr Batra’s® cutting edge ERP system stores patients’ medical histories and treatment details online. The company was the first to maintain online records of patients’ case histories and seamlessly integrate access to the patients’ database for research and evaluation studies across its clinics. During the first visit all the data collected regarding the patient/ reports/ investigation and treatments are recorded so that the patient does not have to carry any data during his next visit. Unique patient ID is generated with which patient records can be accessed from any of the 200 branches of Dr Batra’s®, including in India and Dubai.

Mystery Audits: An American company conducts third-party mystery audits across all the Dr Batra’s® clinics. This helps keep track of the performance of every person involved in delivering quality healthcare service to our patients as well as to maintain the value of the brand.

Medical advisory board

We have a medical advisory board that includes super specialty MDs from 12 top specialties including cardiology, paediatrics, gynaecology, gastroenterology, trichology, dermatology, psychotherapy and de-addiction therapy. These medical MDs set international medical protocols, train our doctors and provide second opinion in difficult cases.

Dr Batra’s® has always believed in improving effectiveness, efficiency, safety and security of its treatment services for its patients while delivering quality healthcare worldwide.

By Dr Mukesh Batra, Padma Shri Recipient