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Dr. Firdaus Farooqui (Homeopathic Physician)



Dr. Firdaus Farooqui is the 3rd generation Homeopathic doctor of a medical family. Graduated from MUHS, India she continued her study by joining M.D. Pediatric in Homoeopathy at Allahabad, India. Currently, she is involved in active global practice with the renowned chain of Dr. Batras Homeopathic clinic.
She has tremendous ability in making rapport with patients and has the basic knowledge of human suffering and a kind heart to help them out and these basic human qualities is a boon to any successful prescriber.
A vibrant personality, she motivates her patients during the interview and case studies. Her hard work, professional commitment, sincerity and dedication arise from sheer desire to help patients; which in turn, arise from the spiritual bend applied in life. Dr. Firdaus believes Disease Prevention is the best key to your health and has implemented a new innovative way of increasing vitality by homeopathic preventive treatment and immunity growth to help prevent all those elements that may affect your well-being. With a love for medicine, strong desires to help others and an innate ability to solve problems, Dr. Firdaus has a natural talent of getting at the root cause of problems and then try her best to find a solution. This she does with utmost compassion and dedication, hence providing her patients what they are truly looking for.

“They are trusting me with their health, and it’s important that they know they are getting my full attention and consideration.” Dr. Firdaussays.