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Dental treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding


The journey of pregnancy and taking care of your newborn can be exciting and exhausting for all mums. Most mothers incorrectly neglect their dental health and also avoid dental treatment thinking that it might harm their child. Here’s a list of dental treatments that are safe or not during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Routine dental treatment excluding X-rays: Dental checkup with teeth cleaning is generally recommended to be done in the second trimester of pregnancy. Once your child is born regular checkups every 6 months are essential.

Due to pregnancy hormones, gum disease with bleeding, metallic taste in mouth, teeth erosion and sensitivity is common. Gum disease is infact linked with low birth weight for your baby which is why controlling these symptoms is very important.

Cavity fillings, sealants and other restorative work: Shorter appointments are the key which give you room to relax and be less anxious during treatment. If you find lying on your back uncomfortable, bring a pillow along with you.

Root canal sitting can be done in cases of extreme pain to stabilize the infection even without an Xray. If x-rays are needed for diagnosing problems, your dentist should use a lead apron with a collar to minimize exposure to your abdomen area and thyroid. Local anesthesia and antibiotics given are usually compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding once your dentist is informed. Longer appointments due to any complications are best avoided in third trimester and can be deferred after birth.

Orthodontic treatment is entirely safe when oral hygiene is kept top notch throughout

Cosmetic treatment like teeth whitening is best deferred post nursing although there is no substantiate evidence of harm caused by these

Extractions are entirely safe when your doctor is informed about your health conditions. However medical conditions like gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, hypothyroidism warrant a consent from your gynecologist before the procedures are performed