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Art of Smile


The personality of an individual is often judged by his looks. A beautiful smile always gives pleasure. However the personality may be falsely interpreted by ugly and impaired teeth. A mastery in the rare art of smile makeovers is what sets a Dentist apart. Only the finest of artistic minds can conceptualize the design of a smile that naturally blends with your facial appearance and enhances your confidence. A cosmetic smile makeover is the process of turning an ordinary smiles into extraordinary ones is an art of brilliance in itself.

Always make room for more beauty in your life.

It is not about being the best but about being better than what we were yesterday.Confident attractive smile is the most important social bonding gesture and key to your professional enhancement.Excellence will never be achieved by chance; rather, it comes from a consistent, systematic approach to diagnosis, communication, treatment planning, and implementation. With the advent of new materials and techniques in the field of esthetic dentistry, people have transformed their idea of smile and how it’s designed. In today’s era we have digital smile design as a multipurpose digital tool with certain clinically relevant advantages. It has enhanced the esthetic diagnostic capabilities with much more organized treatment plan and better communication among the team members and patient thereby resulting in more predictable treatment outcome and increased effectiveness of case presentation and patient motivation.

A smile is a simple gesture that has the power to mold the life of a person. For this reason, the media in its overwhelming platforms has taken up to sourcing for information concerning the procedures used to enhance it. Despite the apparent simplicity of the makeover for the patient, the dentist has to be uniquely gifted in art. To be a cosmetic dentist, it takes more than just the dental knowledge that most dentists have; artistic edge has a big role to play. Most dentists have the ability to restore teeth to their health, but a cosmetic dentist makes the smile brighter and elegant in regards to the patient’s needs.


 A Genuine Smile Comes from the Heart but a Healthy Smile Needs a Good Dental Care
A good smile boosts the morale and has a huge part in a person’s confidence; this is so because the smile is among the first things noticed and creates a lasting impression. In the professional context, a smile equals confidence.

To obtain predictable and consistent outcomes, the practitioner should define the design of the restorative treatment at an early stage. The data must guide the succeeding phases of the rehabilitation, scientifically integrating all of the patient’s needs and desires and the patient’s functional, structural, and biological issues into the esthetic treatment design. The data serve as a frame of reference for the treatment that will be performed. The incorporation of protocols and checklists for quality control and information management has helped to guarantee that every critical point is performed effectively, is double-checked, and is communicated correctly.

Get your smile corrected instantly – DIGITALLY- and once you are totally satisfied go ahead with your treatment.

Patients want beautiful smiles, and also one that is in harmony with their facial characteristics. Emotional Dentistry is analyzing and considering the full face of the patient into the new smile so that it looks natural. Smile design is different from tooth design, with tooth design one is concerned with contour, position and color of individual teeth, while integration of these teeth into the face and facial features is paramount in smile design.

The concept of Smile Makeover is a new face of Dentistry that goes further than traditional dentistry and is emotional and extraordinary.Each design is tailor made to each patient according to their facial and aesthetic features in total harmony with their face, thereby creating a smile that perfectly reflects the personality of each patient. It is also more efficient and precise by using digital technology andmultidisciplinary study, further enhancing excellence in dental practice and improving patient satisfaction with results.

Smile Makeover using digital advances in dentistry is a worldwide recognized scientific concept that has been used for over 8 years by top dental technicians and dentists from all over the world, that improve the quality of aesthetic dental treatments. Thus it’s never too late to improve your smile. If you are concerned about your smile, get it checked digitally.Visit your Dentist now, and get that perfect Hollywood smile you always wanted…