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Homeopathy works on the principle that the mind and body are powerfully linked and as a result of this physical conditions cannot be successfully treated without a complete understanding of the person’s ‘constitution’.


The homeopathic Arsenicum Album personality mirrors the intelligent, high-performing and fastidious individuals who are fussy but good at what they do. They are meticulous to a fault and often get ‘beaten to the bone’ due to their own high standards. They are perfectionists and tend to brood over everything, including situations not within their control. The end result of this constant worrying is anxiety and this causes phobias like fear of death. This is why a remedy is often prescribed to treat deep phobic disorders — including agoraphobia or the fear of open spaces.


Anxieties are a cause of concern for most Arsenicum types. Though anxiety appears to be an emotional problem on the surface, it is often physical or physiological and can result in a nervous stomach with watery stools. It can lead to headaches and hyperacidity which is the burning sensation at the pit of one’s stomach.


For Arsenicum types a gut gone awry can act as a trigger for atopic dermatitis (eczema). Arsenicum corresponds well with the following skin symptoms: itching, burning, swelling, eruption, papular, a bad cold and dry, rough or scaly skin. Other symptoms include chronic pustules, ulcers with offensive discharge, toxic wounds, urticaria that causes burning and restlessness and Psoriasis accompanied with the body turning icy cold.


Arsenicum fever presents certain classic patterns such as the chills together with sweating, shivering and a desire to wrap up, difficulty in breathing, burning pains, black or greenish discharges, constant thirst for cold water, headaches, vomiting and diarrhoea, sudden overwhelming weakness, emotional and physical agitation, an acute fear of death and a general aggravation of symptoms after midnight.


The two most peculiar physical attributes of the Arsenicum personality are burning pains which get better when heat is applied to the area and excessive fatigue with a desire to move around which worsens the fatigue. While such symptoms are more prominent in acute conditions, they may appear mild in chronic ailments.


It goes without saying that the Arsenicum personality displays a typical overpowering sense of defencelessness, insecurity and fear for their health and financial security. Arsenicum individuals greatly rely on their doctors — who are often swamped with anxious, frantic calls at any time of the day or night. This is the archetypal portrait of anxiety neurosis, for which a remedy is prescribed, provided other symptoms ‘match’ the remedy-personality.


The most distinctive feature of the Arsenicum personality is its triad of emotional symptoms — irritability, disapproval and displeasure. Arsenicum individuals are fixated, compelling, ritualistic and finicky. This reflects the comfort they derive from managing their environment. However, excess depression or anxiety in Arsenicum individuals can at times lead to depression or suicidal tendencies.


Although they may conceal their causal diffidence, when you see a well-dressed, neat and tidy person, think of Arsenicum. Yet another clinching factor is Arsenicums are terrified of being alone. This sense of loneliness emerges not from a feeling of being abandoned by others but from their distrust in others.


Arsenicums have a tendency to put people off with their habits, because they often feel they don’t have enough food or money and in the process may ‘dominate’ people and situations.