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Adult Orthodontics/ Braces for adults- Why is it becoming more Popular ?


Times are continuously changing and gone are the days when braces were considered to be an option only for children. The recent years have seen more and more adults asking about the benefits of having their teeth alignment and bite corrected.

The reasons for this are:

1. A better reach to all the vast knowledge easily available over the Internet, Search engines and Social media- Adults can easily choose which braces will work for them, how they will work and also get inspired by seeing some pre and post braces case pictures.

2. Improvement in science and technology – Metal mouths are not the only way to go. We now have access to a variety of aesthetic and comfortable options like clear aligners, ceramic brackets, Temperature controlled wires, etc.

3. Financial backup- We often get a lot of adults whose parents could not afford braces treatment or it was not readily available in their area while they were growing up. With increasing accessibility, affordable orthodontics and financial security, adults are more than willing to explore this option.

4. Rising oral & overall health awareness- People today are more health conscious and realize that a proper bite and straighter teeth can automatically mean good oral hygiene, healthy gums and jaw joints for years to come. It can also allow an improvement in nutrition and overall health.

5. Importance of self-confidence- Adults today know that a great smile is one the first things noticed by people around us and is an important part of our overall presentation. Sometimes braces correction also helps with speech defects. More and more adults are acknowledging the boost of confidence received after braces treatment.

6. Social six option- A new trend in orthodontics is treating only the six anterior teeth which are visible when you smile. This naturally means lesser time and money involved in your journey towards a beautiful smile.

If you’re an adult thinking about braces for you or someone you know, feel free to contact us for Free consultation! Remember, adult orthodontics is no longer a myth but a reality!