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For patients with dental anxiety, sedation dentistry can be a godsend.

Sedation dentistry has gained popularity in DUBAI in recent years, and CLOVER MEDICAL CENTRE is pleased to offer nitrous oxide to help patients who are feeling anxious about their visit to the dentist.


If you don’t know much about sedation dentistry or if it might be right for you, let’s take a look at some facts about sedation dentistry that you need to know.

Fact: There Are Different Levels of Sedation Dentistry Available

With minimal sedation, patients are awake but relaxed.

Administered through a mask placed over your nose—much like an oxygen mask—nitrous oxide will begin to make you feel relaxed very quickly. You will be fully conscious throughout your procedure.

Once the mask is taken away, the nitrous leaves your system just as quickly as it entered.

Other sedation options available include oral sedation, where you are conscious but in a dream-like state. You may doze off during the procedure. General anesthesia renders you completely unconscious for the procedure.

Fact: Sedation Dentistry Has Been Around for Many Years

Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, use in dentistry can be traced all the way back to the 19th century!

Fact: Sedation Dentistry Is Useful for More Than Just Anxiety about the Dentist

As great as sedation dentistry is for quelling anxious feelings, it has other uses at the dentist as well, including treatment of:

  • Patients who are undergoing several extensive treatments at once
  • Patients who have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Patients who have trouble sitting still in the dentist chair
  • Patients who are young or unable to cooperate

Fact: Sedation Dentistry Is Safe

Dentists continually monitor patients who are undergoing sedation dentistry. The dentist will also conduct a thorough check of a patient’s medical history before recommending sedation dentistry.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You?

Whether you are somewhat anxious about the dentist or you have a dental phobia, talk to your dentist about sedation dentistry. Call CLOVER MEDICAL CENTRE today!