Easy Payment Plans

We have always endeavored to provide affordable treatment for all patients, with or without dental insurance.

In this regard, we are pleased to unveil the new partnership between

CLOVER Medical Centre


samba Bank 

that will allow you to pay for your dental treatments in easy monthly installments!

To do so kindly follow the steps listed below:

1. Qualify for the Easy Monthly Installments by applying for a Samba Credit Card in either of the following 2 ways –

a) SMS “CARD” to 4670

b) email the request to uaeleads@samba.com

2. As a Samba Card Holder, you can convert your purchase to the easy monthly installment plan (0% Samba Installment Plan) via any of the following 3 routes

a) SMS “SIP” to 4670

b) email the request to sip@samba.com or

c) send the request through the free Samba Traveller App.