Dr Sameer H Shaikh- Orthodontist


Dr. Sameer H. Shaikh is a second generation orthodontist who received his dental degree from Mangalore University (1995) with Distinction & was the recipient of the Mangalore University Gold Medal for being the Best Outgoing Student of his batch. He earned his Masters Degree in Orthodontics with Distinction from the Manipal Academy of Higher Education in 1997. He has held faculty positions in the Dr D. Y. Patil Dental College, Mumbai & was responsible for instituting the Straight Wire Program during his teaching stint there. He is the recipient of the Bajpai-Sahai Award for advancement in Biomaterials.


Dr Sameer Shaikh derives his pedigree and his yearn for orthodontics from his late father, Dr H. S. Shaikh, who was accredited as being the first Indian trained orthodontist. Dr H. S. Shaikh was a doyen in the field of orthodontics and in a career spanning 40 years and was responsible for educating 4 decades of Orthodontists.

Being in active clinical practice of orthodontics exclusively for the past 25 years, Dr Shaikh has maintained an acute interest in recent advancements in material science and modern innovations in the field of orthodontics by attending numerous national and international seminars & conferences. He practices with the latest & best products utilizing the Straight-Wire orthodontic Appliance (Braces) including Invisible & Lingual Braces. Currently,his interest is in the use of Micro-Implants for improving the orthodontic treatment results.

Dr Sameer live on air in conversation with R.J. Arooshi on Radio Clinic of Hum FM106.2…..it was a very interesting and interactive Talk….the listeners appreciated the sound and frank advice.



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