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Dr Satyaki Arora- Pediatric Dentist

Dr Satyaki is an integral member of our team and is a sincere proponent of truly child friendly dentistry with his kind and affable manner. He completed his Masters in Pediatric Dentistry in 2012 from the revered College of Dental Sciences Davangere. 
His genuine love and concern for children is apparent in the gentle and professional manner with which he treats his patients. Apart from being very approachable by both parents and kids alike, he is also positively engaging and captures the attention of kids with great ease. Furthermore, he is erudite and scholarly in matters concerning his specialty. To his credit he has published 12 scientific papers and is passionate about advancement of the field of dentistry through research and innovation.
His core belief is that many bigger problems can be prevented if dental check-ups are done at an early age and hence he propagates preventive procedures. He performs with a high degree of proficiency all kind of procedures including atraumatic restorative modalities, removal of caries; caries risk assessment, pediatric endodontic, preventive & interceptive orthodontics, habit breaking appliances and management of traumatic injuries to teeth.
Praiseworthy is his capacity to provide efficacious treatment in a wide spectrum of clinical situations including to children with special needs through the use of behavior management techniques and his patient nature.